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Children and Pets



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Euthanasia - A painful Decision



Euthanasia is a difficult decision to make when our pets age and/or get very sick. Some people say that euthanasia is a privilege that we have as pet owners, to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering.
Most animals are very tolerant, and generally do not express their pain. Since our pets can't talk we rely on other indicators to guide us to make this difficult decision. Appetite is a strong indicator of how an animal is feeling. Try to assess the pet's quality of life - if you were in their position, how would you feel? Are they alert? Can they get up to go to the toilet? If your pet is a cat, is s/he still grooming? Does your pet still seek your attention, or does s/he just want to be alone? If you are unsure, having your pet examined by a vet is recommended.

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Holidaying with your Pet


Getting organised to go away on holidays can sometimes be a stressful time. This can be even more so if you haven't planned what to do with your pets. Here are some tips that may help:

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When your pet is mourning the loss of a housemate

dog 3

When your pet mourns the loss of an animal housemate

We don’t know how much cats and dogs understand about death, but many pet owners have experienced a pet who has become inappetant, lethargic or otherwise unwell after their animal companion dies. It is heartbreaking to see, especially when you are also grieving the loss of your animal.

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Rabbit Behaviour

Tiffs Bunny

Spending time with your rabbit

It is important to spend at least 2-3 hours every day with your rabbit. This is because they are prey animals and must learn that you are not a predator and so they won’t hide or run away from you, bite or scratch you!

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