Travelling with your Pet

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Travelling with Your Pet

Travelling with pets can be an exciting adventure with the whole family. Here are some tips to make traveling with your pet safe and enjoyable.

Health and Medical Needs

Get a health check or health certificate. Pets going on an extended trip should have a health check by their veterinarian beforehand.

Bring your pet’s regular food and bring water in a bottle. Be sure to place the food in an airtight container. If you keep it in its regular bag, your dog or cat is sure to raid it at some point.

Remember to offer your pet water. You can use a bowl that attaches to the pet's crate and won't be knocked over. Or you can get a spill-proof bowl and leave it out. If you're going to take extended walks or hikes, bring along portable bowls.

If the weather is hot use a garden sprayer as a water mister. Dogs and cats don't tolerate hot weather as well as humans because their primary method for dissipating heat is by panting. If you're spending much time outdoors with them consider bringing a garden sprayer, filled with water so that you can mist the pets when needed.

Consider tick, flea and heartworm prevention this is especially important as tick paralysis can be fatal and there is no cure for heartworm infection. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

When Riding in a Car

Your dog should wear a seatbelt, ride in a crate or otherwise be secured in the back seat.

Crates and carriers serve a dual purpose of acting like your pet's palace and safe place when you visit new homes, hotels, and other unfamiliar places. Pets should first be trained to love their crates. You can place all of their meals in their crate and let them walk in and out anytime they want until they learn to associate the crate with good things.

Pets can also be trained to love car rides by first letting them sit in the car while getting treats, and then taking them on short rides where they end up in places they like.


Other Essentials

Make sure to bring things that help your pet feel comfortable, secure and relaxed—toys, bones to chew on, and food puzzles to help them pass the time.




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