Urgent Notice for Rabbit owners

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Sydney Calicivirus Release

To all our valued rabbit patients and clients,

We have recently been informed that there will be a release of Calicivirus in the Sydney area. This virus spreads very quickly and all rabbits in the region are at risk if they are not up to date with their vaccinations. Calicivirus is also known as Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus and there is no treatment for this fatal disease. Once your rabbit is exposed death will occur either rapidly within 48hours or after 3 weeks of suffering. Vaccination is the only way to ensure that your pet rabbit is protected against this lethal disease.

Calicivirus is also spread through biting insects, so please ensure to limit your rabbit’s exposure by bringing them inside at dusk and dawn (high insect activity times). If your rabbit is outdoors then please ensure that all hutches are insect proof. This can be easily done using fly-screen and a staple gun. Any insect can spread this fatal virus so please also ensure that your pet rabbit is also up to date with appropriate flea prevention. 

 To protect your rabbit against Calicivirus (Rabbit Hemorrhagic disease) in Sydney:

  1. Ensure they are up to date with their vaccinations. There is no treatment for this fatal disease
  2. Insect proof your rabbit’s living areas.
  3. Ensure that your rabbit is protected against all biting insects and up to date with the appropriate flea prevention.
  4. Ideally bring your pet rabbits inside during dusk and dawn to reduce exposure to biting insects.


We are here to help, so if you have any concerns or questions with regards to your pet rabbit’s health, please do not hesitate to contact us at Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital on 9829 1947. 

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