Meet Our Team
Dr Dennis Hitchen
Lead veterinarian

Dr Dennis has been a part of the Ingleburn team for some years, more recently coming on as lead veterinarian in November 2021. He spent the fist 5 years working as a mixed practice veterinarian in the Central West of NSW where he treated everything from cattle, horses, alpacas, to small animals like dogs, cats, pocket pets and wildlife. Prior to becoming lead vet at Ingleburn, Dennis worked along the NSW coast in Albion Park. He prides himself on being an all-rounder vet, but has particular interest in cardiology, dermatology, dentistry, wildlife and orthopaedics.

He is the proud dad to 3 year old border collie Fly that loves everything and everyone. In his down time, he enjoys playing golf, long distance running, football and gardening.

Dr Barbra Curtis

Dr Barbra is one of our experienced vets, having graduated from University of Sydney in 1994 with over 27 years’ experience in small animal medicine and surgery. She prides herself on being an all-rounder vet, keen to treat animals like pocket pets, birds, and wildlife. She is particularly experienced and interested in surgery and geriatric medicine, and hopes to expand the behavioural services offered at Ingleburn. She has lived and worked in the UK, as well as doing volunteer work in Namibia at a cheetah reserve in 2001.
Barba isBarbra is the proud mum to a rescue cat Oreo, and a deaf rescue dog Monti. In her down time, she enjoys reading, writing and travelling.

Dr Charlotte Saunders

Dr Charlotte is one of our fantastic vets. She has been working in veterinary clinics since the age of 16, in varying roles. More recently, she has worked across emergency and specialist centres in both Australia and Canada before joining the team at Ingleburn as both GP and emergency vet. Her areas of interest include all medicine cases. She finds this work challenging and stimulating. Charlotte has previously volunteered in Thailand rehabilitating wildlife, as well as Monarto Zoo in South Australia further establishing her zoo vet medicine skills.
Charlotte is the proud mum to cat Chickpea, and husky pup Bucky. In her down time, she enjoys staying active, reading, boxing and skiing.

Dr Warren Davis

Dr Warren is one of our experienced vets, having over 35 years’ experience in small animal medicine. He has also previously owned in own practice in Western Sydney. He is a member of the college in pharmacology and has previously also completed distant education in cardiology. His particular areas of interest include cardiology, geriatric pets and getting to know his clients. Warren has spent his professional 35 years’ servicing the South West Sydney community.
He is the proud dad to his German short haired pointer – Frida. In his down time, he enjoys photography and computers.

Dr Richard Looi

Dr. Richard Looi graduated in 2015 from the University of Sydney in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with first class honours. He worked a year and a half in a busy general practice before commencing a rotating internship in a large referral hospital, moving on into a surgery residency in his pursuit for specialization in surgery. In 2019, through a process of examination he obtained a Membership in Small Animal Surgery.

Due to his interest in trauma and emergency medicine, you’ll see him consulting as an emergency veterinarian on weekends with Ingleburn Veterinary Emergency Centre. Aspects of emergency medicine he particularly enjoys include surgical emergencies such as GDVs, septic peritonitis, and haemabdomens, vehicular traumas, and high rise accidents.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys cooking/baking and working out in the gym.

Caitlin Mackaway
Vet Nurse

Caitlin is one of our loving veterinary nurses who has previously worked at a breeders facility and a boarding kennels. She has a variety of academic achievements outside of her veterinary nursing, including her certificates in hospitality, hairdressing, animal studies and outdoor recreation. She has a keen interest in pathology, and any GP consults that involve puppies! She has previously volunteered with a dingo and fox rescue.
Caitlin has several pets – her cat Mr Jones and her turtle Shelly. In her down time, she likes to hike and do anything related to the outdoors.

Courtney Duffy
Vet Nurse

Courtney is one of our best nurses with over 10 years experience working in the field. In total she has been one of our longest standing nurses, having been with us at Ingleburn for 6 years. Her favourite vet cases involve dentistry and anything with a lump to squeeze. She has spent much of her time in the last 12 months working in emergency and has found this work fast paced and interesting. She has previously volunteered in the baby animal farm at the Easter Show, done WIRES releases of birds as well as hand rearing many a neonate kitten.
Courtney has two pets – a cat named Nidge and a dog named Yogi. In her down time, she likes to continue her studies, read and do macrame!

Joanne Zerzvadse
Vet Nurse

Joanne is one of our best nurses with over 20 years experience working in the field. Prior to working at Ingleburn, Joanne worked at UVTHS in Camperdown and ran her own dog training business from 2007 – 2016. She has a particular passion for animal behaviour and training and has varying certificates in this area. Her favourite vet cases involve anything to do with educating owners about how best to love and take care of their pets, young and old. She has a heart for helping owners through good and bad times.

Joanne has one cat – a cheeky tortie tabby by the name of Winx. In her down time, she likes to spend time with family, travel, tend to her roses and hike.

Robyn Au
Vet Nurse

Robyn is one of our wonderful veterinary nurses, with over six years of vet nurse experience. This has ranged from GP to shelter work, most recently in emergency care. She is also currently in the process of completing her Certificate IV in remedial massage. She has a keen interest in preventative dental care and looking under the microscope. She has previously volunteered with Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne.

Robyn has several pets – her 5 year old German Shepherd Remmy, a 1 year old Ragdoll Rocket and her 3 month old kitten Launcher. In her down time, she likes to go to the gym.

Rhian Tuake
Vet Nurse

Rhian is one of our fabulous Registered Vet Nurses. She has had a range of experience in the world of animals, including animal research care, welfare experience at both RSPCA and AWL, doing mobile vet work for bushfires and rural work with AWL. She has a keen passion for emergency work and completed her emergency course with ACVN. She has most recently completed a wildlife veterinary professionals course with Taronga Zoo. She has a particular interest for education and training, as well as welfare work.
Rhian has two cats – Neeko and Lola. In her down time, she likes to go to the gym, play soccer and hike.

Kristen Cannell
Vet Nurse

Kristen is one of our fantastic veterinary nurses. She has been working at Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital for nearly 7 years, starting as an administration assistant/receptionist. Since working here, she re-developed her passion to become a veterinary nurse. She completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing last year and is an invaluable member of the Ingleburn team.
Kristen is a proud mum to two dogs, two cats, six chickens and 2 children.

Jessica Richards
Vet Nurse

Jess is one of our fantastic nurses who has worked at Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital for almost 9 years. She has completed her Certifiacte IV in Veterinary Nursing and has worked in the industry for 14 years. Jess enjoys surgery and has a soft spot for all her geriatric patients.
Jess is proud mum to 2 cats, 4 chickens and 3 goldfish.

Katie Ellul
Vet Nurse

Katie is one of our great nurses who has worked in the field for 9 years. Her passion lies in sharing knowledge with pet owners, and getting to spend time with clients and their pets. She gets enjoyment out of seeing patients come back and watching them grow.
Katie has several pets – a 7 year old border collie x kelpie names Spencer, a 4 year old cavoodle named Bogo and a 5 year old cat named Possum. In her down time, she likes spending time with family and going on adventures.

April Walker
Emergency vet nurse

April is one of our brilliant emergency vet nurses and has been at Ingleburn for 8 years. She started as a trainee and went on to complete her Cert IV in vet nursing. April has previous experience at Taronga Zoo, working in their Australian Mammal Department. She found her passion in emergency work with small animals, with a particular interest in caring for critical cases such as snake bites, trauma, orthopaedics, seizures and toxicities.

April is the proud mum to her two cats, 11 year old Mia and 6 year old Thea. In her down time, she enjoys books and coffee, marathons (the movie/tv show variety!), and taking a million and one photos of her cats.

Emily Bodsworth
Trainee Vet Nurse

Emily is our wonderful trainee vet nurse currently working on her Cert IV in Vet Nursing. She has done previous placements at Hawkesbury Equine Vet and Colyton Vet before coming to Ingleburn. She juggles her certificate in nursing, a Bachelor at university and work. She is a keen learner.

Emily has multiple pets – she has 4 dogs, 5 cats and 1 lizard. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with friends and sleeping.

Samuel Aza
Trainee Vet Nurse

Sam is our great trainee vet nurse. He started at Ingleburn as a kennel hand and transitioned into trainee vet nurse. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Science. His favourite cases involve anything to do with specialist surgeries.

Sam is the proud dad of an 11 year old staffy Zoe, and a 6 year old staff x GSD Mailey. In his down time, he enjoys films, TV shows, IT and gaming.

Vally Chen
Trainee Vet Nurse

Vally is one of our lovely trainee vet nurses. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and has had multiple placements across small animal practices in Sydney. She has a particular interest in small animal medicine and dermatology. She has previously volunteered at the Raptor Centre working to rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds.

Vally is the proud mum to her toy poodle back home in Taiwan. She is eager to add a furry companion to her life here in Australia! In her down time, she enjoys spending time at the beach and hiking.

Crystal Marsland

Crystal is our fantastic evening receptionist that has been with us for just over a year. She has worked with a variety of wildlife rescues and rehabilitation centres, including doing emergency wildlife rescue work in South Africa. She has also done a lot of work with other welfare organisations like the RSPCA.
Crystal has several pets - cats, birds, and lots of wildlife (including kangaroos and snakes!) In her down time, she likes to go camping, to the beach, bushwalking and rescuing.

Keyleigh Johnson

Keyleigh is our wonderfully bubbly receptionist with over 10 years of experience working reception roles. Her crowning achievement is having 4000 photos of different cats saved to her phone and getting her drivers licence! Her favourite vet cases involve those of geriatric cats.
Crystal has several pets – her cats Ellie, Liz and Slinky, and a 37kg lap dog by the name of Meg. In her down time, she likes to sleep and eat.