Injured Stray Dogs and Cats

If you find a sick or injured stray dog or cat, you may phone our clinic to arrange for it to be brought in for first aid treatment. The animal will then be scanned for a microchip and efforts will be made to try and locate an owner. If we are not successful in locating an owner then arrangements will be made during normal business hours to transfer the sick or injured stray to the pound veterinarian at Bradbury Vet Hospital.

If you find an uninjured or healthy stray your first step should be to phone the pound. Campbelltown Pound is on Rose Stree, just off Blaxland Road and their number is 4645 4790.  If the pound is closed and it’s an emergency, their phone is diverted to an answering service. As we are part of the Campbelltown region we are unable to take uninjured strays from other areas, i.e Liverpool or Camden. These strays should be taken to Camden animal shelter or Liverpool pound.

For assistance in dog attack situations or for aggressive injured strays, you should contact your local police. We will help out where we can, but we cannot take in strays unless they are sick or injured, and we cannot provide after-hours service to healthy uninjured strays.