After-Hours Service

Our Ingleburn Veterinary Emergency Centre team is available for all your after-hours emergency needs, 24 hours a day 7 days a week including public holidays. During our normal business hours we are also here for any emergency needs for you and your pet. Just remember to phone 9829 1628 ahead to let us know you are coming so preparations can be made.

What to do in an emergency

Prevent further injury to your pet or yourself

This is common sense, and obviously it will depend on the circumstances.  If for instance your pet has been hit by a car, you should move it off the road. And be careful - don’t risk injury to yourself.  Even the most loyal family pet can bite you when it’s distressed or in pain.

Provide First Aid if necessary

Sick or injured animals should first be examined by you, and they should be kept warm and dry.  First Aid kits are good to have on hand – we have prepared a list of items that we think are necessary to keep at home, such as betadine, gauze swabs and some bandaging. Visit our First Aid kit page.

Bring your pet to the hospital

Our emergency centre phone number is 9829 1628 and is available 24/7. It is best to phone first, so we can advise you what to do, and make the necessary preparations for when you arrive with your pet.

When should I call for emergency after-hours help?

Ultimately this decision is yours, but we would consider it to be an emergency if your pet:

  • is having difficulty breathing.
  • has lost consciousness.
  • is having sustained (> 5 mins) or repeated seizures.
  • is bleeding uncontrollably.
  • has eaten snail bait or rat sak, or ingested any other poison.
  • is suspected of being bitten by a snake.
  • has a suspected paralysis tick.
  • has broken a bone.
  • has been severely attacked by another dog.
  • is involved in a motor vehicle collision.
  • has been in labour for more than 2 hours without  delivering a puppy or kitten.
  • has any problem that you think could be life-threatening or that is causing him/her significant pain or distress, and it can’t wait until normal daytime hours commence.