House Calls or Patient Pick Up

House Call (currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions)

For whatever the reason or need, by appointment our vets can provide medical care for your pets in the privacy and comfort of your home. Please phone our hospital the day before to book a House Call. We prefer to do House Calls between 11:00am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday. Please note House Calls do cost more than consultations at our surgery.

Patient Pick Up and/or Delivery

Patient pick up and/or delivery by our nurses is another option, and is cheaper than a House Call by the vet. Our nurses can pick up your pet from your home, bring them back to our hospital for veterinary examination and treatment, and then return them to you safely. It is important in this situation that you provide the nurse with as much information as possible about your pet's illness, and leave a contact number where the vet can contact you during the examination if necessary.

Current prices for House Calls and for Patient Pick Up/Delivery can be obtained by calling our hospital and speaking with our friendly staff. The price for Patient Pick Up or Delivery is fixed for local suburbs, with a mileage charge instead for clients outside the local area. Please note the Pick Up/Delivery price does NOT include the consultation fee. If pick-up AND delivery is required, then the relevant fee will be charged twice.

Please note Patient Pick Up and/or Delivery service is not always available due to the nature of the hospital being an emergency centre and the availability of staff. Best to call and speak to one of our friendly team members about this service.