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Expert Care for All Pets at Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital

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Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital
Unit 4, 2 Noonan Road
NSW 2565

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02 9829 1947

Ingleburn Veterinary Emergency Centre
Unit 4, 2 Noonan Road
NSW 2565

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02 9829 1628

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm

Saturday 9am till 5pm

Sunday 10am till 12pm

Outside these hours including Public Holidays we have a vet on site 24/7 for emergencies.








Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital has been caring for the pets of Ingleburn since 1983.


1983 - The hospital was established by Mark Fetterplace. The original site was in Stanley Rd opposite the railway station, when Oxford Rd had a a level crossing over the railway line. Back then, the hospital was staffed by only one vet (Mark) and one nurse.

1988 - We moved to 92 Oxford Rd, where a purpose-built veterinary hospital was constructed. At that time we were known as Oxford Road Veterinary Hospital.

1993 - We purchased a small part-time clinic (Ingleburn Veterinary Clinic), incorporated it into our hospital, and changed our name to Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital.

1995 - Our hospital, including all patient records and client accounts was fully computerised.

1998 - We switched to an appointment system to provide better service to our clients and patients. We also started our quarterly newsletters to all current clients.

2001 - Our first web site was launched!

2006 - In March 2006 we moved to 4/2 Noonan Road, into a hospital 4 times the size of Oxford Rd.

2010 - Our Groom Room officially opened, to provide our clients with a full pet pampering service by a fully trained dog stylist.

2010 - We opened our Cat Boarding facility!

2012 - IVEC opens. We become the first clinic in south western Sydney to open 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

2013 - Paperless monthly email newsletters are delivered to your inbox and we join facebook!

2014 -This new website is launched


Environmental Management Plan


At Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Centre we are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment and the rest of the community and we have a plan to minimize that impact.



• Ultimately, no waste generation. To return, reuse or recycle all packaging and as many other materials as possible

• To minimize environmental damage by our activities

• To comply with applicable environmental protection legislation

- To minimize inconvenience to our neighbours and the local community.


Risks associated with this practice:

• Stormwater pollution by faeces and chemicals. Our stormwater drains go to Redfern Creek and then the George's River

• Solid waste generation including medical waste

• Toxic waste generation, primarily in old IT equipment

• Airborne waste generation, mainly by vehicles

• Excessive energy consumption and carbon emissions.

• Excessive use of other resources

• Noise generation



• Don’t wash down around surgery unnecessarily. Use a broom.

• Wash vehicles only when necessary and wash on grass.

• Put rubbish in bins and keep lids closed.

• Use appropriate containers for medical waste, including sharps containers

• Separate and recycle all clean paper, cardboard, clean plastic bags and containers

• Encourage our suppliers to use minimal packaging and recyclable packaging, eg plant packing material.

• Use digital radiography to avoid Xray film and chemicals

• Purchase recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible

• Reuse or recycle outdated IT equipment wherever possible

• No unnecessary vehicle use and maintain vehicles in good order

• Turn lights, air conditioning, computers and other equipment off when possible

• Generate our own solar power with roof top photovoltaic panels.



Ref: Campbelltown City Council Environmental Review and Awareness Programme for Businesses in Redfern Creek Catchment.